RF 80 - sudden thinning hair kit includes:

COMPLEXE 5 regenerating plant extract (bottle) - 1.7oz.

FORTICEA stimulating shampoo - 6.8 oz.

RF 80 concentrated serum- 12 vials - .16 oz

VITALFAN dietary supplment - sudden, temporary - 30 capsules

$190 Value


             Active Ingredients & Benefits

This kit provides the essential steps to discovering a natural solution against two common factors responsible for sudden thinning hair in order to encourage thicker and healthier hair. Complexe 5 stimulates scalp microcirculation to promote the delivery of nutrients to the hair bulb and tones the scalp strenghthening the hair from root to tip. Forticea stimulating shampoo complements this thinning hair treatment by restoring hair's strenght and beauty with key ingredients. RF 80 works against both vasular and nutritional factors of sudden thinning hair concerns to encourage thicker and healthier hair. Natural Pfaffia extract and essential oils of Lemon and Sage increase scalp microcirculation and the delivery of nutrients to the hair bulb. Vitalfan dietary supplement is specifically formulated to treat sudden thinning hair due to stress, unbalanced diet or post-pregnancy.                                      
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